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Man is the bridge between time and Timelessness, between nothingness and eternity.

Every moment is an act of creation… every instant is new. There’s never been a moment before or a moment after… nor will there ever be! All that you see and all that you don’t, is created in this very moment… Everything happens Now, in the infinity of this eternal instant. Our existence runs along two parallel tracks: ‘events’ which are the sequence of facts and circumstances that come towards us in time, and ‘states’, the impulses of our spirit, moods and emotions which are timelessand arise within us, mostly unperceived, when not unconscious. A man’s personal history is therefore composed horizontally of outer events and vertically of inner states, or states of Being.  However, people usually think about their life and talk about it as if it were only made up of external events occurring in time. In reality, the quality of a person’s external life depends upon the quality of his states of mind which occur in absence of time. Man’s existence is made up of outer events but more so, of inner circumstances, emotions and thoughts. We are a sort of rope-walker suspended between time and timelessness, between nothingness and eternity. We think of ourselves as time creature, swimming in an ocean of time, but in reality all that really counts in a man, his ideas, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, belong to a timeless world. We are timeless Beings, mainly made of invisibility. And because we are time worshippers, we let our entire life slip away knowing nothing about the power that our states of mind have in determining the events and circumstances of our lives. Visibilia ex invisibilibus is the Latin motto which reminds that all that is visible in our life, all that we see and touch, what we call reality, comes from our invisibility, ideas and dreams. One day, probably soon, robots and intelligent machines will be able to think and even laugh, but they will never be able to dream. Dreaming is the most human of all activities. Our unique, exclusive feature is not thinking but dreaming. To the point that Descartes’ aphorism Cogito ergo sum – I think, therefore I am – could well be changed intoSomnio ergo sum - I Dream, therefore I am. I am my dream. And dreaming is the only possibility to experience

Timelessness. Dreaming can only happen in absence of time.

That is why real dreamers have always been so few. The ordinary man, immersed in time, with his existence running on one track, does not have the freedom to dream; he blindly obeys a hypnotic description of existence and is moved by the invisible strings of his mechanical reactions and negative emotions.  He has forgotten his uniqueness, his true nature as creator because he does not have access to himself.  He does not know himself! Modern societies are proud of their scientific achievements and technologies. The mail from East Coast to California that by pony express took weeks to be delivered. Today travels at electronic speed, and we can fly or communicate to the extreme edge of the earth. But this has not brought us a victory on time. On the contrary we are more anxious then ever, pressed and frustrated by the passing time. It is because we have thought that we could win this mortal match against time ‘out’ of us. We have identified progress with speed, with greater capacities to produce, consume and also destroy, but we do not know how to win time ‘inside’ us, how to compress it in our Being, to brake out of its prison conquering ourselves. The true speed of a man is in the absence of time. No school, no university, no mentor has told us anything about Timelessness, about the power of being still and aware, in a world where time is left out, as shoes out of the mosque. If you navigate on the web you will find out that Timelessness is just in music, in the lyrics of pop songs, as Eternity you can only find on the label of a nice little bottle in a perfume shop. The only exception is the integrity and timeless lectures of the Future Leaders for the World Program. Simply because this Program believes that The Dream is the most real thing there is and that economy and business are the Art of Dreaming. Ordinary people go in the world to see what happens, what’s there waiting for them, always in search of an external solution to their innumerable, endless problems. A man of integrity knows that there is no solution out there. In the dungeon of the ordinary existence, in the labyrinth of time there are no exits, by definition. Nothing is solved in time. The planetary evils, conflicts, famine, poverty, criminality, have never found a solution through millennia. In silence and stillness, when we reach a state of fullness, of certainty, of unity of Being – that we call integrity – we  have not to look for solutions, we are the solution. In Timelessness, victory comes before fighting and solutions are there before problems. We need schools of Being where the pursuit of Timelessness is the real teaching, whichis the elimination of unpleasant emotions, negative imagination, doubts and fear. Timelessness is a state of integrity, of self-fulfillment sealed off to the world and to time – without letting even a single atom of negativity penetrate it. In Timelessness we realize that inner states and outer events are one and the same thing, illusorily separated by time. When we get rid of this illusion, and we lift the curtain of time, we can see that there is no distinction between what is external and what is internal. Events are nothing but the materialization of our inner states in time-space. Men’s emotional states are in reality events seeking an opportunity to happen and become visible. Inwardly, every instant is a shop that opens and closes, and at every moment one gains and loses. Every moment is a success or a failure. Everything takes place Now, in this eternal instant. In the instant, which is the only real time we have, by managing our thoughts, being aware of our emotions, we can take control of our existence and set the direction of our destiny. Time, the shock-absorber Ancient Greeks tried a titanic undertaking. For the first time in the history of mankind they conceived the impossible, they dreamt of a civilization capable to defeat time through art, beauty, harmony, philosophy, theatre and the cure of the body… the Art of Dreaming. Not only they never had much interest in measuring time, but they created the myth of the most horrible of all Gods, the God of Time Cronos, devouring his own children. It was a warning-myth: “Watch out! If you are a child of time, you will be devoured by time”.

If time is only a description, a collective hypnotism, an imaginary, nonexistent dimension, and men of integrity can win it and live in timelessness, how is it possible that it rules all our lives? The answer is that time is a shock absorber. For an unprepared humanity, absence of time is the scariest thing there is. Let’s imagine to eliminate time from the planet, just for a brief experiment, and to compress the last few dozens of years in one instant. We would see the killers of Martin Luther King with their guns still smoking voting for Barack Obama as President of the United States and, expanding the experiment, we could see people building a monument to Giordano Bruno, one of the pioneers of the modern age,  in Piazza dei Fiori in Rome, in the same spot where they executed him. Time is a smoky screen protecting us from the vision of what we are not ready to accept yet. Without the providential shock-absorber of time, facing its psychological fragmentation and inconsistency, humanity would be driven to insanity. Time is a filter Whatever is lacking of unity, anything fragmented, has a short life and is stopped by time. As a matter of fact organizations die young. Their average span of life is no more then 12 to 14 years. The largest corporations very rarely overcome their 40th birthday. The same applies to products, nations and civilizations. Their level of integrity decides the length of their lifespan. Timelessness and integrity are one and the same thing. An immortal company can only be created by an immortal founder. Whatever has long life has built in atoms of eternity.

Victory on time is victory on Fear. 
Fearlessness is the condition of the warrior, of the hero, the state of a Dreamer. Hinduism, in its millenary wisdom has reached the same understanding. Baghavad-Gita, the Veda spiritual and philosophical masterpiece, which spread from India to China and Japan, influencing the Buddhist thought, points out ‘fearlessness’ as the first quality of a timeless hero, of a man of divine nature, an individual. Behind every human achievement, at the origin of every intuition, of every scientific or social conquest, behind the world’s largest financial and industrial corporations, and all that is beautiful, useful, wealthy, there is invariably one man, an individual and his Dream. Only the individual can nurture positive feelings like love, optimism and gratitude, the mass cannot. And only the individual can dream. The mass, lead hypnotically by a song of sorrow, a magma of negative emotions, lives immersed in the gelid liquid of fear, in a self-created prison of time where at best can nurture nightmares. If just for few moments we could eliminate fear from our life and suspend time, we would find ourselves without banister, by the abyss of Now, facing the infinity of the instant. There, in that state, we could dream the most impossible dreams, and attract the most incredible solutions to heal our life and the planet. But fearlessness and Timelessness are so powerful that for an unready humanity they are scarier than fear itself. It would immediately find shelter in the memory of the past or in the imagination of the future; in personal history or in destiny. It would take refuge in time, go back to that familiar, reassuring state of sorrow and fear which keeps everything as it is. The world is such because you are such.