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Professor Stefano D’Anna is a respected international keynote speaker. He spoke in over 100 seminars and conferences in Italy, England, U.S.A., Belgium, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Georgia, Iran, Dubai, Bahrain, China, South Korea, Vietnam, and Brazil. See the Full List here.

His speechs enable audiences to get into journey of self discovery with understanding the essentials for leadership by comparing modern thinking schools with ancient wisdom.  He shares his findings about Leadership, Integrity and Corporate Longevity. His lessons on liberalism pertaining to concepts of freedom and individualism are considered revolutionary. He speaks to a variety of audiences; it can be professionals in conference, students in college or corporate leaders in workshop.

Three day Seminars

Clear your mind, revitalize body and spirit

The secret of an enjoyable life journey is to travel lightly. This seminar is a journey to self-discovery through the study and exploration of oneself.

Freedom and happiness cannot be found and have not to be looked for. It is enough to eliminate the obstacles which prevent us from enjoying and keeping them in our life.

The aim of this seminar is to bring back in your life the enjoyment of existence getting rid of any physical, mental and emotional ballast: fears, negative imagination, bad habits, obsolete ideas, aversions and prejudices amassed in years of  bad management of our inner life.