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Love Yourself Inside

An ordinary man only apparently loves himself and wishes himself good health, prosperity and well-being. If he could observe and know his inner self, he would hear within a constant chant of negative thoughts and worries, the recital of a prayer of misfortune in the expectation of terrible events, however probable or improbable.

Among the things I have learned from the Dreamer, which I have narrated in my Book “The School for Gods”, one of the most amazing is the unveiling of the existence in the ordinary man of a shadowy second nature which manifests itself as a self-destructive attitude, an irresistible urge to damage and finally eliminate oneself. He called it self-sabotage. It can be considered the dominant psychological feature of the old humanity, though the official science has not understood yet the planetary extension of this phenomenon. Self-sabotage is the effect of a fragmented psychology that in most people manifests in a sense of guilt and a constant feeling of uncertainty and failure; man becomes victim of the song of sorrow he sings inside, of the flow of negative imagination and destructive thoughts ceaselessly echoing inside him. People live too often and for too long out of themselves, lost in identification with the world, so enlarging the distance from the real part of themselves. The anguish you feel is the most reliable signal that you have forgotten, hypnotized by the imagination of the world as a separate reality, external to yourself. As a consequence, an ordinary man secretly thinks of his death as the solution to all his troubles, and unconsciously tries to accelerate his physical departure. Homo sapiens has reduced itself to a suicidal species finding in drugs, smoking, alcohol, unhealthy diet, and above all, negative emotions, its terrifying menu or list of options on perpetrating one’s elimination. If we would try to stop them and oppose their project of death, they would not see us as rescuers or benefactors. On the contrary, such an attempt would turn them into mortal enemies, and in the end would only postpone their self-sabotage.» The School for Gods.Sinedie. 2010.

Love Yourself
The remedy is: love yourself inside, love yourself unceasingly. It means to be in contact with the most real part of yourself.  It means achieving and living a state of victory, of grace, of understanding. A state of innocence. This word comes from the Latin root innocent which means not-nocere ‘not + to hurt’. Innocent in its true meaning is then the quality of a man who is not harming himself, who is not devoted to the favorite planetary occupation of self-sabotage. For unprepared people, loving oneself inside looks like a quite boring condition, in which it seems that nothing happens and excitement is missing compared to the state of apprehension and constant turmoil in which ordinary men live. But for a man who remains lucid and firm in loving himself inside, everything is punctual and even the confusion of the world – that anarchy where everything is apparently rebelling and trying to escape from composing itself into a unity – appears to be a movement of fusion, towards a higher level of integrity.

Stop damaging yourself
Most people believe that the world as it is does not work and cannot go ahead without their intervention, and so try to bring solutions to the others, thinking to resolve their problems, to heal their illnesses.  Their vanity makes them to believe that are healed and ready to help others. In reality, he who has not defeated the lie within himself, he who is unaware of the self-sabotage that continually goes on within him, cannot do anything for anyone. The only thing you can really do to help the world is to wake up from your nightmare and stop damaging yourself. We meet a beggar and we feel compelled to help him, or anyone in need, for the sake of our unconscious fear that we could find ourselves in that condition and the hope that we could find help.  But our fear is creating the object of our fear. While you think of this eventuality you are already laying the grounds for this very thing to happen.  Your mere thought has already put you there. In the moment in which you are giving aid you find yourself covered in his rags, begging in his place.  You tell yourself:  I’ll never be in that state of need!’.

Behind the smokescreen of philanthropy
Let’s open our eyes to the falseness hiding behind altruism and most form of charity fostered by institutions that live off people’s sense of guilt. Most humanitarian organizations only exist to perpetuate themselves. They specialize in obtaining funds and gathering resources which they then misspend and squander, barely managing to even support themselves. If you lift the smokescreen surrounding philanthropy in its every form, you might discover that behind the suffragists and the Salvation Armies, behind medical and pharmaceutical aid and the distribution of food, hides the most atrocious organized crime and the worst acts against man. In reality, help creates the need for help, in an endless vicious circle. Every day the army of humanitarians, altruists and philanthropists grows and all the evils that they pretend to fight extend and become more acute. Poverty and famine have never been so wide and spread. Working on the effects and never tackling the cause, they only feed themselves, their pockets and their vanity. Poverty is a mental illness. Death is only in our heart. If we could recognize this we would revolution the very concept of charity. Only the ‘dream’ can change poverty into prosperity, difficulties into understanding. A man, a corporation, a nation who dreams is never poor. Can never be poor. He who has defeated lie and self-sabotage in himself, who loves himself inside, has not to look for any external help. He is the solution and has the power of doing for himself, and because of it, for the world and for others.

The world needs your change
Think how much vulgarity and emotional debris is eliminated through this realization. Guilt, victim consciousness, false love for others, are all swept away at once together with all the philanthropic organizations and humanitarian organizations founded on false altruism. The world doesn’t need your help, but desperately, your change. Do you think this can make us cynical and mean?  A person who loves himself inside cannot be cynical or mean towards the others. When you have won inside, you are the healing of all and everything. Doing for yourself, through your innocence, you are bringing the greatest possible help for the world. Loving yourself is the only thing to do, and the only activity to overcome inner fragmentation, to regain our oneness. Loving ourselves inside is the fusion of all the scattered particles of our Being into one single entity. We call this achievement Integrity.

The tingling vibrating sensation
In order to give to the others we have first to know how to give to ourselves. To give I have to have, to have I have to be. Who has not achieved a state of wholeness is a man in need, is a real poor, and cannot give anything to anybody. When we were little children we used to wake up with a sensation of joy, the feeling of our integrity, the feeling of being complete. Nothing was missing. Adults have long forgotten that ecstasy in their body, but when you start to love yourself you can feel it again as a tingling vibrating sensation under your skin. A leader knows that he has to wait for this physical signal before any decision, before any action. A leader knows the golden law of economy: I have because I give, I give because I am. Giving is above all self-giving, the donation of one’s being. I give what I am. Through loving himself he gains the power to give to others what really matters and they really need: his fearlessness, courage, commitment, his sense of safety.