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Stefano D'Anna Bloomberg InterviewStefano D’Anna graduated in Economics at the University of Naples with First Class Honors ( cum laude ), obtained a Master at the London Business School ( ITP Program ) and a Doctorate in Sociology of Communications with first class Honors at The Catholic University in Milan. He has been associate research fellow at The Science Institute in New York.
Has been a leading manager of multinational companies including Alfa-Romeo, Olivetti Corporation ( based in Milan ), Olivetti Corporation of America ( based in New York and Middle East ), and FIAT International (Turin and Jeddah ).
He is an international lecturer, a key-note speaker and guest of honor at many major international conventions and forums, in Europe, USA and South America.
In last years has started the cycle of the “Integrity Seminars” bringing to International Corporate Leaders his findings about leadership, Integrity and Corporate Longevity. His lessons on liberalism pertaining to concepts of freedom and individualism are considered revolutionary.
He has published over one hundred articles in Italian, English and Turkish and scholarly papers about his studies and researches. Publications include the books “Berlusconi in Concert”, “The School for Gods”, already translated in the main European Languages, besides Russian, Chinese and Turkish. Since 2005 up today it is best seller in Turkey. His latest book “A Dream for the World” is the manifesto of a new generation of leaders driven by ethics and integrity. They will save the World.
He has dreamed a university without frontiers: The European School of Economics with headquarters in London and campuses in Madrid, New York, Rome, Florence and Milan.
In 15 years, under his leadership it has become one of the leading Business Schools in Europe.
But the education he had in mind, the real education, had no walls and no limits.
On December 2nd, 2010, he has left his position in ESE, stepped down as Executive Vice President of The ESE Foundation in New York, and reduced any other commitment in order to create an advanced Integrity Leadership Program to prepare specially selected students to become the most strategic resource for the economic growth and human development of all nations.